If you (or people around you) talk a lot of theory, you might just be a corporate product manager.

Thoughts on the PTOTD

Have you ever been in conversations where people are talking a lot of theory (especially about Agile), only for them to return to their desks and do exactly the opposite? Have you had people complain that had this been a different place, they would have done things differently, but since it is what it is, they have no choice. But they’ve read that this is how it is done, and it makes sense to them…
I call that living in the “what-ifs”. If you are stuck in a similar situation, try to live in the “What-cans” — what can you do to implement the new thing you learned? What can you do to have a different product discovery or development method implemented? You’ll learn a thing or two about the practical challenges of implementing theory — which can make you a decent product manager.

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