3 Quick lessons in Product Management

Here is a quick round-up of 3 lessons I’ve learned over the last 10 years in product management.

You’re not the focal point. You’re the facilitator.

3 Quick lessons in Product Management 10

Many PMs make the mistake of being in every conversation. Don’t. You’re not a subject-matter expert. Let the teams discuss among themselves. Provide inputs where required. You’re to facilitate and move on… come back only when the team has come to a conclusion and want to inform you of the direction. You align and you leave.

Your reputation is worth more than your deliveries

3 Quick lessons in Product Management 11

I learnt this the hard way. I’ve delivered over 30 e-commerce websites & mobile apps. It doesn’t matter how many products you’ve delivered — it matters more that your reputation, as a reliable & predictable Product manager, is known throughout your organization.

Spend some time after every delivery/feature update. Make a quick single pager that you can:

a. Send to senior stakeholders.

b. Store in your phone for a quick display.

This will take you farther than just delivering products. Make some noise about your delivery. You’ll help yourself and your team.

Guilty until proven innocent

3 Quick lessons in Product Management 12

Simply put, just because you’ve come in with a history of delivery and great thought leadership, not everyone will fall in line with your thinking. You’ve to prove yourself — in meetings, in 1 on 1s and in general, be known.

This is true for new roles and veteran roles alike — you’ve to continuously prove value. Your reputation is what you control.

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