About Me

With 10 years of experience in Product Management across the retail industry in GCC‌ &‌‌ India, I bring to the table a plethora of skill sets and a constant need to learn more and implement more. A few skills that set me apart:

User experience design
Designed flows for eCommerce sites &‌ mobile apps

Loyalty &‌‌ Marketing
With 3 years of working on‌ Shukran, I’ve developed a deep understanding of loyalty programs and digital marketing alike. I also love to A/B‌ test emails to get the best CTOR‌.

Agile Implementation
Have a deep understanding of the Agile process implementation and the challenges/solutions that come with such a paradigm shift.

Have been the technology promoter – having implemented solutions (custom as well as modified) across layers of the tech-stack. Key languages – Python, Node JS, Javascript. RPA implementations in real life.

Data Data Data!
Prefer the OKR method of feature testing and launching. I have developed and tracked KPIs across most of the features I’ve launched. Implemented the Holtz-Winter model‌ (time-series) for forecasting the sign-up rate for Loyalty programs (RMSE‌ ~5%), the ML‌ implementation for store data movement (collaborative filtering – cosine). Well-versed in MySQL, Mongo, MSSQL, Python &‌ R. Deep knowledge of Google Analytics for eCommerce &‌ apps.

Payments technology
Implemented gateways, processors and ECRs. Primarily focused on the user experience of payment journies, with technical understanding payments processes (including 3D‌Secure).

Thoroughly enjoy optimizing – from the incremental benefits derived from changing colors of the “Add to cart” button to larger benefits achieved through process improvements – I love to analyze everything in great detail and optimize, if possible.

Strategy and Implementation
I’ve been involved directly with the CXO‌ layer to analyze and understand the vision for each organization I have worked with, and have endeavored to deliver it.

Team management &‌ leading
I believe that when the team grows, the organization grows. I have led a development team of over 40 devs and 2 product managers in the past.

Reach out for pro-bono consultations & speaking opportunities on technology, digital transformation, marketing, data, and strategy.